jean-rapp-maryville-todayJean Rapp has a long and personal history with the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and Maryville.

Born locally and raised on a farm in Beaverton, she and her classmates were among the first to attend St. Cecilia Elementary School at what was then its brand new location – the site that we are still familiar with today. Jean graduated from St. Mary of the Valley High School (now Valley Catholic) in 1957.

Further education led her into the nursing profession for 39 years. Jean also worked as a licensed electrologist. Her marriage in 1960 resulted in three fine sons, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Her older sister spent ten years as a resident of Maryville. During that time, Jean became very familiar and comfortable in the nursing home setting. Jean’s experience made her a natural asset as a volunteer, helping feed residents in the center unit then progressing to helping with bingo on Thursdays.

She is driven by her mission to help and explains it by saying: “They are my Jesus.” One gift she cannot hide is her infectious laugh….people hear it, people react in kind.

Thanks to Jean, smiling muscles will be exercised! – Suzanne Burns, Volunteer Coordinator