“I believe my childhood prepared me to fulfill the role of an activities director.” That’s how Kyah Feldes describes her life, her career and new role as Maryville’s activities director.

Born in Michigan, Kyah says she spent much of her childhood involved in arts and crafts and listening to classical music.

“I didn’t grow up watching television,” said Kyah. “I was always creating something or doing something. I was definitely the artsy stereotype in high school. I love theater and music.“

She served as activities director at Sunnyside Meadows Memory Care in Happy Valley before accepting the same role at Maryville.

“The minute I walked into Maryville, I knew I wanted to work here,” she said. “After my interview, I remember sending an email message to the hiring manager telling him Maryville was my first choice if I was offered the position. That’s how much I wanted to work here.”

Like her predecessor Hilee Jackson, Kyah is fun, creative and likes to stay busy. When not working, she enjoys spending her time writing and reading memoirs.

“I express my creativity through writing,” Kyah said. “I spend much of my free time writing fiction.”

She also makes time to exercise, calling exercise “the ultimate stress reliever and a great way to end the day.”