Anastasia Brockstedt was awarded employee of the month on May 3, 2019.

Originally from Florida, Anastasia relocated to Oregon in 2016 and immediately began pursuing a career in healthcare. She is a CNA in the HKC unit, a special unit for dementia residents.

“Ana’s love for her profession and her residents shows in how well she takes care of them,” said Mylene Cepeda, director of nursing services at Maryville. “She is a very hard worker and a great team player and will go to great lengths to ensure that her residents get the care that they need.”

“I love the people in HKC. It is always different every day, and I can be their daughter, sister or mother. I try to make their day better,” said Anastasia.

Anastasia is currently working on her pre-requisites for nursing school but plans on continuing employment here in Maryville even after she gets her nursing degree.

Congratulations to Ana Brockstedt, Maryville’s May Employee of the Month.

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