Keonavy was surprised by her supervisors and co-workers with the Employee of the Month Award. Keonavy started working at Maryville in 2017 as a housekeeper in the Center Unit. Her attendance, punctuality and work ethic were so good that, three months after she started at Maryville when the Laundry Technician role was available, she applied for it and got the job.  Maryville acquired new state of the art washers and there were several challenges to overcome. After a little over a year, Keonavy had overcome those challenges. She processes an average of 62,595 lbs. of linen per month.

Keonvay’s work ethic has won accolades from Mayville vendors as well. Jim Lalone of Wenco said she “… is one of the best laundry technicians in the entire northwest region.”

Keonvay’s supervisor, Maribel Garcia, says, “Keonavy is fun to work with— I really enjoy working with her.”

Keonavy was born in Cambodia and moved to the U.S. in 2005 and brought her mother to the U.S. later on. She lives with her mother and her three kids’ ages 23, 20 and 18. Two are college graduates and one is in high school.

Keonavy says she likes to work in Maryville, and shares with her family how happy she is at her job and said, “I love my supervisor I am so lucky…”

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