Maryville’s Employee of the Month award winner for August is Terrance Weter or “Terry” as he is known to Maryville staff and residents.

“Terry is one of the nicest people you will meet in Maryville. He is always ready with a big smile and a joke. His residents adore him and his name is often mentioned in Maryville’s satisfaction surveys as being one of the staff members that residents appreciate the most, “ says Mylene Cepeda, Director of Nursing Services. “He is hardworking and has a great attitude despite the fast pace at East Unit where he is full-time staff.”

Terry Weter was born in Eugene, Oregon. He moved to Portland when he was three years old. He was a CNA for Home Health Agency before joining the Maryville staff. He had a patient who was admitted to Maryville and that is what lead Terry to inquire about CNA positions after spending time with his patient at Maryville.

In November 2017, Terry started working at Maryville. He has since then completed his CNA 2 but has stayed with Maryville despite there being no CNA 2 positions available because he is happy working here. When asked what he does in his free time, he answered, “I help out my aunt who has medical issues, I help her do groceries and help her around the house.”

Terry is such a selfless individual and Maryville is proud to have him!

Congratulations to Terry Weter, Maryville’s August’s Employee of the Month.

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