October Employee of the Month: Fatmier Imeri

Fatmier has worked at Maryville since 2016. His position is Floor Technician. He takes care of Maryville’s carpets and flooring. He uses a ride-on vacuum to keep our carpets as spotless as possible, and he follows a regular floor-scrubbing schedule for our kitchen floors, main dining room, physical therapy, our community showers and floors in all units.

Fatmier is efficient in all of his daily tasks, and he likes to take care of his floor equipment. He is a reliable teammate at Maryville and gets along great with his co-workers.

Fatmier immigrated to the United States in 1999. During the years of war between Kosovo and Serbia, his family became refugees in a camp in Macedonia for three months. Fatmier and his family immigrated to the United States after their time in the refugee camp. He has been married to his wife Sadije for 42 years. They have six children – two girls, four boys – with a total of 15 grandchildren. Fatmier enjoys visiting his beloved Kosovo every time he can.

“I really like to work with Fatmier. I am very grateful that he is part of our team working together hand in hand,” said Fatmier’s supervisor, Mary Garcia, Environmental Services Supervisor at Maryville.

Congratulations to Fatmier Imeri, Maryville’s October Employee of the Month.