What’s the best way to celebrate a golden anniversary? Building for the future.

Since celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, Maryville has building new space and enhancing existing facilities to provide outstanding experiences for residents and clients. Two years later, Maryville marked its 52nd anniversary by dedicating its new south unit and therapy courtyard.

“Our new south unit allows us to add 16 beds for men and women who come to us for rehabilitation services,” said Maryville Administrator Kathleen Parry. “These will be single rooms with private baths. People who have come to Maryville – especially for short stays – have told us that this is important to them.”

Sister Adele Marie Altenhofen, president of the SSMO Ministries Corporation, said, “The new unit will provide opportunities for those who want to come here to be able to recuperate and get stronger. Whether they have had a stroke or surgery, whatever has happened, they will be able to truly get back on their feet and respond to life in the most opportune way.”

Maryville’s dining space has been expanded. “We have more and more residents who need dining assistance,” said Parry. “Our old dining space was no longer adequate. The expansion enables us to provide a more pleasant and comfortable dining experience.”

Maryville’s therapy area has undergone important updates by creating a training kitchen, laundry and bathroom. “If people can practice in an area that looks and feels like home – whether it’s their kitchen or bathroom or laundry room – we are better able to gauge how they will do when they return home,” said Parry. “The space that we’ve created allows us to do that.”

A gift from Joseph J. and Edith A. Cholick  supported the new Maryville Therapy Courtyard, which has been designed to improve patients’ endurance and balance through activities such as climbing stairs, navigating ramps and mastering walkways – all in a natural setting – to help them return to independent everyday living.

“Often, people either fall in their home or when they’re walking on their way to a doctor’s appointment or to the store,” said Parry. “They might trip on a curb or stumble on gravel or on an uneven surface. The courtyard allows them to practice moving on different surfaces in a safe environment with someone at their side.”

All of the plans were created to support Maryville’s mission, said Parry. “Everything that we do here at Maryville, we do to benefit the women and men who live here with us – whether they are staying with us for a short time – or making  Maryville their home.”

(Top photo by Casey Braunger ©Ankrom Moisan Architects.)